Individual Psychotherapy

Therapy can be a great way to deepen understanding of patterns, resolve past experiences, and build coping skills. I believe the therapeutic relationship has an impact on facilitating growth so I strive to create a supportive environment that assists with navigating decisions that can keep clients feeling stuck. I listen intently and seek to understand my clients so they feel cared for. My strength based approach allows me to highlight the sense of resilience that each client brings and I collaborate with clients to set goals and solve problems that can lead to a healthier life.

I work mainly with adults and college age students dealing with:
Stress management
Life transitions
Relationship issues
Women’s related issues

Specializing in:
Eating disorders (binge/compulsive over eating).
Sports psychology

binge Binge eating/compulsive over eating

Binge eating is not just about eating large quantities of food.  Bingeing includes feeling out of control while eating, followed by shame, guilt, and depression.

As the program coordinator for an intensive outpatient program for binge eating at a leading treatment center for eating disorders, I gained extensive experience working with individuals who struggle with bingeing.  I have considerable familiarity with the pitfalls that can leave clients feeling trapped in the cycle of eating, shame, negative self-talk, eating, desire to lose weight.  As a member of (BEDA) Binge Eating Disorder Association, I have presented on topics related to effective treatment for binge eating.

I assist clients to redefine goals so they are successful and empowered.  Not only do I focus on decreasing bingeing behaviors, I also emphasize the importance of gaining a greater understanding of the purpose or function of the behaviors.  I utilize an intuitive approach to eating and assist clients with identifying sustainable lifestyle changes.



Sports Psychology

Many athletes are now turning to the field of sports psychology to help reach their optimal performance.  While physical training is important, it is only part of an athlete’s training.  If the mind is not on board, physical training can often become ineffective.  It is the mental focus that carries an athlete across the finish line when the body no longer can.  Therefore, being equipped with tools to help overcome mental roadblocks should be a part of an athlete’s training.

I assist athletes reach their optimal performance by identifying the source of the problem, set goals, and build skills that will enhance performance.  I have considerable experience working with issues commonly encountered by athletes such as performance anxiety, struggles with motivation, focus and concentration, stress management, adjustment to injury, and life circumstances that interfere with performance.  I work to help individuals redefine success so they gain a greater sense of enjoyment from their sport.

I have worked exclusively with Division 1 athletes, marathon runners, and Ironman participants.  Prior to private practice, I coordinated and provided performance enhancement services to the athletic department at DePaul University.  I am a member of the American Psychological Association and Association of Applied Sports Psychology.  I have completed seven marathons, numerous half marathons, and one triathlon.  As a believer in community involvement, I am a member of Chicago Area Runners Association (CARA) and was a coach for Girls on the Run.


I firmly believe in the importance of further developing as a professional. Therefore, I offer an opportunity for clinicians to meet regularly in order to discuss cases as a way to ensure the best possible service.  My experience with providing supervision has included working with Master’s and Ph.D. level students completing practicum or internship trainings.  Additionally, I have also provided clinical consultation to practitioners who sought to advance clinically in their area of expertise.